Heavy Metal & Hard Rock
from Bielefeld




The 80s and their music are dead?

Not if you count SHOWDOWN in. Bringing back outfits, lifestyle, and the full force of 80's Rock Music, this band makes stages quake, walls tumble and crowds go wild. Steel is gleamin', bodies are steamin', and everybody is just having the time of their life when Showdown comes to town.


Consisting of Nikki Z behind the mic, guitarist Glen Vega, guitarist-keyboarder hybrid Alek Saint, Keith Louis hitting the low notes on the bass and drummer Johnny Machine providing the groove, Showdown presents a classic Metal line-up. And that's what this band's music is all about: good old Rock´n´Roll. Everyone who wishes for some new Rock music that sounds as in the 80s, Showdown is the band for you – a reincarnation of that sound, founded with that idea in mind by people who haven't lived during the 80s themselves, but want to revive the rockstar spirit for everyone to feel and dedicate their work with this band to that. Fast or groovy, also calm and emotional – SHOWDOWN's music delivers it all, driven by juicy guitars and rhythmic bass and drums, topped off with some powerful vocals and glistening synthesizer lines. Brought to life by stage shows filled with action, this band and its music is here to bring the 80s spirit to you.




Nikki Z


A searing scream echoes through the night, and then the rampage starts, called to arms by the voice of Nikki Z. Next to four years of vocal training influenced by bands such as Queen, Kamelot or Dio, the singer with the versatile style has gathered more band experience along his way than any other member of Showdown. Also, when invited, he might bring his bodyguards and/or a stripper girl.


Glen Vega


Another stage raider comes in the shape of a breathtaking, beautiful blonde – but Glen Vega doesn't only have the looks on point, he is also a major musical influence on the band. Since he's a founding member, his songwriting and guitar skills have been a thriving force behind Showdown from the very beginning. All in for the name of the game!

Alek Saint

Guitar, Keys, Vocals

„Saints Are Reckless“: Alek Saint is the one who makes this statement come true. Immense guitar skills, a unique style of playing solos and a connection to music that only a few have are just some of the qualities this exceptional musician and multi-talent brings into the band. This man never backs off from trying something new, bringing the band forward with every step.

Keith Louis


When there's action, when there's party, then Keith Louis is probably not far as well, no matter if in the club, somebody's apartment (which will then never be the same again), or out on the streets. Stage and rehearsal room are the home of the man on the bass, whose crackhead energy blisters brighter than that of your average redneck cousin/lover. However, the stage isn't his only domain, as at the same time, he manages to keep things going for the band behind the scenes.

Johnny Machine


Banging the drums harder than most dudes bang their girls and telling an entire story with every beat: that is Johnny F. Machine, the obligatory band madman. The wide-grinning drummer coordinates Showdown's course with groove, feeling, stomping energy and a surge of double-bass then and now. Equipped with a great amount of musical influences and an emotional drumming style, he is ready to annihilate any stage that witnesses one of Showdown's raging shows. He is also very funny and handsome and yes, he did write this text.